Feeling down? Waking Up Exhausted? Need Help?

You may be suffering depression and if you do it may feel like nothing will ever help you and nothing will ever change your situation.

This is so because depression changes the way you think. It can change your thinking to such an extent that you become certain that you will never feel happy again.

It can drain the pleasure you had from things you used to enjoy and make you see everything through dark-tinted glasses. It can deplete your hope and energy.

In short, one can think of depression as a parasite that feeds off your life-energy.

However – and this is the good news – when you know how depression works and what it needs to sustain itself, then you can claim back your power again and suddenly you will feel more hopeful again.

I have been certified by Uncommon Knowledge in a program that treats depression in a way that get you to feel better quickly.

The very first thing I will in our first session together  will be to help you understand why you feel the way you do. It has a lot to do with the high level of stress you are most probably experiencing at the moment. It is these high stress levels that ultimately leads to physical and mental exhaustion and therefore depression.

In the first session I will  help you feel better right from the start by using deep relaxation with you. This will also prepare your brain to learn which is very important. If you are depressed you have probably noticed that it is almost impossible for you to pay attention and retain information.

Please visit www.rouxmalan.com/  to get to know more about my services.

When you leave my office after our first session, I am confident you will feel much better than you have in a very long time.

Don’t get me wrong. I know depression doesn’t shift overnight. It takes time.

Therefore in our follow up sessions we will work together to:

  • reduce the amount of worrying and introspection you are doing;
  • identify and resolve any practical problems that are the cause of your stress;
  • work on any relationship difficulties you may experience at the moment;
  • help you think in a more balanced way so that negative thoughts don’t drain your energy away;
  • as you start to feel better, I will gradually introduce elements to your life that will safe guard you from becoming depressed again.

Yes, depression can make you feel hopeless and without any energy.

But there is hope, and I confident I can help you, so please fill in your contact details and I will come back to your as soon as you can.

Please visit www.rouxmalan.com/  to get to know more about my services.